Yes Dear

There is something soothing about watching the wisps of fog roll across the housetops in San Francisco. We had a warm, sunny day in Los Altos Hills with Sam’s family. We spent Easter coloring Easter eggs and then hunting for ones filled with candy. Dinner was lamb with mint jelly, asparagus, and potatoes with the optional ranch dressing (Thanks John). Arlene was nice enough to introduce me to a little deer named, “Yes”….I think we’ll be having an interesting relationship.

Many thanks to the Melens for a great Easter and to Chez Hugo for a great weekend. New York is supposed to be very nice in the spring… 🙂

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  1. now that you have made your acquaintance with the yes deer, you must now master the art of saying it’s name with the right timing and passion. if repeated too frequently it loses impact; if not said often enough it will get you in trouble.

    a strange beast of marriage this deer is… by my own measure i’ll have a few years before i have to get into that zooology 🙂

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