Yesterday in the mail I got a notice from VeriSign with the following:

Domain Name Expiration Notice
Reply by: June 20, 2002

I stuck me as odd that I was getting a renewal notice so quickly, I just bought the domain in January….and wait, I registered with, not VeriSign. This is pretty shady.

I’ve read posting about how companies are basically stealing your business when acting like a renewal notice. They do disclose in step three that you need to “Sign the form to authorize payment and transfer to VeriSign.” The first time through I missed the transfer part and I was looking for it.

There are too many companies using spam and posing like something they aren’t so it must be working…or tricking a lot of people. It’s pretty rare to get a real deal in the mail or via spam….I would have just throw the letter away if I wasn’t interested in writing an entry about it. In that vein, how do I get credit card companies to stop sending me credit cards? They don’t seem to care that I’m rather unemployed right now…

VeriSign has lost any future business I would have given them.

Editor’s Note: All domain registrations are now done with

3 Replies to “Slammers”

  1. Yeah! Eat it VeriSign! Yeah!

    By the way… I really enjoyed the new Star Wars.

    Yeah! VeriSign! I mean BooOOooo!

  2. Personally I can’t figure out why they keep sending me credit cards. I’m just a college student- if I ever used the credit card I would never be able to pay it back. They would have to send me to debtor’s prison! And yet its the only thing I ever seem to get in the mail.

  3. credit cards are the bricks in the ‘slammer’ that will hold the american nation in debt forever… teach kids to manage their money or perish!

    On that note, I left MY credit card open at ANOTHER friggin’ bar this weekend and have to go get it back… the feeling I get is kind of like going back to get your stuff at an old girlfriend’s place after breaking up… you have no business in a bar at daylight! or do you?…

    – Denmark

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