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Apache pilots train here.I think the great graphics are what really draw you into this game. Either that or the complex controls that let you fly a copter over some pretty varied terain. This game has some of the same addictiveness as miniputt, so consider yourself warned.

Highest Scores I’ve seen:
ASP – 3992
Cara – 3800
Thad – 3230
The Dane – 2280

Editor’s Note: I added ASP’s score because we were impressed he (or she) went to the trouble of finding a free hosting site to link it from (since mirrored on b.com). This is a special exception. In general, after the post leaves the front page, high scores will only be maintained in the comments section as they happen. Happy flying!

18 Replies to “Up down click”

  1. 2280! And I was proud of my 740… I’m sure you have screen-shot proof, right?

  2. Either Thad has way too much time on his hands or my machine is running in slow-mo since it takes about a minute for every 100. I really hoe its not the former.

  3. 2241. Proof will be sent upon request

    Not bad for a first attepmt… Denmark, your ass is mine. Sheriff, you’re next.


  4. Is a 1 gigahertz processor too slow?

    Michael is just upset someone else surfs the “web” with skills better than his own.

  5. Im really mad i had a score of 2586 and it didnt come up to show that i had one of the high scores which i did because i beat the one that is 2280

  6. Toni Toni Toni, you’ll have to try harder if you want to keep up with the self proclaimed ‘Cara the Coolest’…

    Clearly cool factor, and a proven work ethic led to her success.


  8. Jesse, Jesse, Jesse,

    If you’d read Cara’s post, just a few above your own, you’d see (with proof I might add) that she is the big leader with a score of 3800.

    Nice job on the 3389, but do you really have to yell?

  9. i made the new record for fly a copter with a score of 3992, i beat cara and thad i MADE THE RECORD i should be posted now right?

  10. Well, my personal record is 3989 i have no proof bc i didnt think to take a screen shot but with 5130 i guess its no big deal lol.

  11. My new highest score is 5588…eat my dust hehe but i saw this guy on this other message boards with over 10K craziness..but its possible after u hit 1500 it dont get harder..i took a screen shot of it but i dont know how to get it on here but o well its not that great anyways

  12. I got 13125 and I’ve got proof as well, a screenshot from the game. It took me like half an hour and my hand was aching like crap!

  13. I got 30,000 so ha because i beat everybody i have proff i have the picture im me and ill show you

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