Brazilian Beer

brazilianbeer, yo! gotta love the turle in the commercials...
I got these from a (Brazilian) friend of mine. They are two beer commercials which were run around the time of the World Cup in soccer (the REAL football game). I recommend the sound – very funny.

Here is the 1st commercial and there is the other commercial. Enjoy!

Review: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

what is more Greek than Greek letters? And this letter really sums it up...
I entered the theater thinking this was going to be a Big Fat Greek chick-flick (quick definition: about turbulent and complete romance with mr. perfect who reads her mind and sweeps her off her feet), but i found the movie to be great entertainment in spite of my fears…

Not only is it a really funny movie, but it handles more serious issues in life, like how to become your own person and follow your own will (another chick-flick feature) so there are flashes of serious acting, as opposed to Austin Powers in Goldmember. Among other things, the movie is produced by Tom Hanks and features Joey Fatone from N’Sync. There are a lot of great scenes that depict really funny meeting-the-parents kinds of situations and I left with a Big Fat Greek smile on my face.

I’d recommend the movie warmly to anyone. Sam and Cara even liked it!


Denmark’s Triathlon

Hey Thad’s Readers :),

This is an entry from an Evite invitation I posted to try and get my friends out to support me for my next triathlon race. It will about a month after Thad and Sara’s wedding and it will be in Santa Cruz, CA. I wrote it with a great deal of sincerity, so beware the risk of it sounding a little cheezy…

Disco Dane
Location: Main Beach – 175 West Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz, CA
Phone: 415-786-5375
When: Sunday, September 29, 8:00am

Hey Guys,

I have to apologize in advance for what will seem like a bit of a random invitation, but I wanted to see if this will work: I am competing in an international distance triathlon (1.5K swim, 40K bike and 10K run) on the last Sunday of September. I am looking to break my personal best of 2 hours and 40 minutes, which I set this spring, and I would like your help! I would like you to join me in Santa Cruz for this event. There is absolutely nothing like friends to cheer you on and this will be my last race of the season.

The race starts pretty early Sunday 9/29 at 8am at the Pier in Santa Cruz. We swim around the pier, jump on the bikes and ride down to Davenport South of Santa Cruz and back to the Pier and then run 10K out along the ocean and back. You can see the start, both transitions (swim to bike and bike to run) and the finish from one place).

Again, I would love to see you there for this event. There is always a lot of supporters, booths and things to do at these events during the race and after the race the camp will be filled with athletes high on endorphines. I would also like to do a picnic with those of you that have the time to stay for lunch and make a day of it in beautiful Santa Cruz.

I really hope to see you there; it would mean a lot to me.

Thank you,
– Michael

Check out the 20th Annual Santa Cruz Sentinel Triathlon

Football Agent

Follow the link, enter the ‘contract’ and watch your rise to football superstardom…

#submitted by Denmark – Half Pint

Tid-bits from the Net

  • You may be right, Pythagoras, but everybody’s going to laugh if you call it a ‘hypotenuse’.
  • The secret to good teaching is sincerity. As soon as you learn to fake that, you’ve got it made.
  • Left to its own devices, Nature cures stupidity.”
  • You know you’ve landed gear-up when it takes full power to taxi.
  • Never insult seven men, when all you’re packin’ is a six gun.
  • It is not necessary to imagine the world ending in fire or ice. There are two other possibilities: One is paperwork, and the other is nostalgia.
  • Americans like to talk about (or be told about) democracy but, when put to the test, usually find it to be an ‘inconvience?. We have opted instead for an authoritarian system disguised as a democracy.
  • Sometimes, I think the proof that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the Universe is that it hasn’t contacted us
  • Don’t worry, there’s absolutely no way they can hit us from all they way over th…
  • It’s only fun until someone loses an eye… then it’s fun for one less person.
  • Yield to temptation; it may not pass your way again
  • “Listen! Do you smell something?” – Ray (“Ghostbusters”)
  • A closed mouth gathers no foot.
  • A man about to speak the truth should keep one foot in the stirrup.? – Old Mongolian Saying

– submitted by denmark – World Traveler, part-time escort