TiVo Upgrade

Coming Soon: Girlfriend TiVo so you can pause, rewind, and delete arguments.Endless TiVo space has finally arrived. I just got a new bigger hard drive for my TiVo and now I have 4 times the recording capacity!

I ordered the drive from company in California called AmblerTech.com that does TiVo Upgrades and the hard drive arrived a few days later. It came with detailed instructions, including pictures for my unit, and I installed it in about 20 minutes. Being as I’m very protective of my TiVo, I was a little nervous to apply any pressure to open the case, but their tech support walked me right through slipping the screw driver into the back bottom corners and the case slid right off.

After that, it was just a couple screws and plugging in a couple wires. I went with the “A Drive Upgrade” in case anything went wrong, so I have my old hard drive sitting on my shelf. Next step was quickly running the guided setup, and then adding Season Passes….only this time in Best Quality and Keep Until I Delete.

I plan on keeping the whole 4th season of Sopranos on my TiVo now, so if you’re in the neighborhood…

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  1. i’ve started putting my mouse over all the pictures throughout the site… there are some really funny comments that go undetected by most, but are well worth your time…

    try it! hover your mouse over all the pictures for each posting… funny stuff.

  2. Like the pausible girlfriend idea. I just need rewind for my kids (remember when they were so little and listened to us . . .)

  3. hey thad. check out the michael post above… i think this guys is trying to secretly improve his google rating. move to strike comment from blog your honor… (check the link on the name “Michael”… shameless abuse of the name. spammer!)

  4. The comment stays because it was funny. The link goes to help Sam.

    BTW, when is the HDTV TiVo going to come out? Does the DirectTV Series 2 TiVo allow you to use the internet for the daily call? The forums all seem to disagree on these points.

  5. I was looking at my saved programs on TiVo the other day. It’s really nice not to worry about deleting programs to make room for the new ones. Since I got a tivo upgrade at Amblertech.com, I’ve become less worried about deleting the viewed programs, less tied to watching the program soon. With the extra space, I know that the program won’t be going anywhere soon. That’s a real benefit when two people depend on TiVo to record their favorite shows.

    Can’t wait until the HDTV TiVos come out, maybe then I’ll get HDTV!

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