Me and Plato

I don't suffer from insanity, but enjoy every minute of it - Edgar Allan PoeBeen drinking a lot and can’t tie your shoes as quickly as before?

Take this IQ test and see if your neurons are still firing.

Emode said I am a Visionary Philosopher with an IQ of 136. I think that means I can quit this computer science stuff and sit around just saying things. Cali grab a pen…

5 Replies to “Me and Plato”

  1. Well, Thad you beat me by 5 points by hey you have gone through college and I haven’t (not that it really matters anyway, because what does college teach you?). I am a Precision Processor. Whatever that is supposed to mean.

  2. Still not sure what ‘visionary philosopher’ means – but glad to know that I am in good company. At least the part about chocolate is true…

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