Act Like You’ve Been There

Columbia is nice, but I can't wait to start programming with a purpose.When John Vargas was my water polo coach in high school he always told us to “act like we expected to win” after a victory. No big cheers, just act like it’s another game and no big deal. It’s a bit of psychological warfare against the other team and we pretty much kept to it.

I think he was paraphrasing the late Walter Payton’s famous line of “Act like you’ve been there before” in regards to scoring a touchdown. Without a celebratory dance or a spike of the football, Payton would hand the ball to the ref and jog over to the sidelines.

Well, that is all well and good, but I’m ready to celebrate. I just landed a great job programming for Solspark! I can’t celebrate in the traditional “-OH” way until after my last final tomorrow. Maybe I should bring a six pack in a cooler to class. One of many things I’ve wanted to do in a final exam.

A Night to Remember

80's rockbands perform Christmas Carols... wow

Shannon got eight of us (Sam, Cara, Kendall, Jenny, Joe, Ceci, herself and me) tickets to go see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO) perform at De Anza College in Cupertino, CA last night. We arrived, late from dinner and with the first set of completely incorrect Yahoo directions I have ever seen, about 30 minutes late to something I thought would be an Orchestra doing Christmas Carols in a nice, classical way. Oooooh, no – TSO is a composition of R&B singers, 80’s rock guitarists (bass player from Savatage and the lead guitarist from Alice Cooper’s old band) and enough lights to get a tan in the back row.

It was not at all what I expected, but it turned out to be a great show and it was very amusing to hear the familiar tunes of the Christmas season being wailed out on electric guitars accompanied by bass, synthesizer and heavy drums.

The outfits, the big hair, the way they spoke and carried themselves was great – very 80’s. We had a few die-hards (40-year old men with long hair and big bellies, yelling and giving the band ‘the horns’ [handsignal] while they are doing Chrismas Carols) in the audience as well, which just upped the ante. Finally, they played the music of the Retard Choir Christmas Carol (click the “Merry Christmas” link at the top) which left Joe, Sam and Kendall in tears.



Nice curves are a gift from GodAlmost like 3D Pong, but you play against the computer on the other end of the courth and there are no blocks to knock out. OK, so not much like Pong at all, maybe more like tennis, but CurveBall is one tough game.

Remember to take a screen shot of your high scores and post away!

Rubik’s Cube

If I could solve this, would that impress me?I remember when my dad brought a Rubik’s Cube home some twenty years ago. It was the big craze back then, and there was even a guy on That’s Incredible that solved the cube with his feet, I think blindfolded. On the flip side, the only way I could ever solve it was to buy a new one, or to throw it against the wall and put the pieces back in order.

I was pretty good at the Rubik’s Links, not quite the challenge of the cube, but I could change it from the separate links to the Olympic Rings with my eyes closed. If my 10th grade Algebra teacher was correct when he said, “If you do something 32 times, you’ll never forget it,” then I ought to still know it.

Not an entirely random rant, check out the Rubik’s cube online, in various forms. Some of them have ‘Solve’ buttons which I find might helpful.

EvilCube –
Online Cube – with helpful instructions