Rubik’s Cube

If I could solve this, would that impress me?I remember when my dad brought a Rubik’s Cube home some twenty years ago. It was the big craze back then, and there was even a guy on That’s Incredible that solved the cube with his feet, I think blindfolded. On the flip side, the only way I could ever solve it was to buy a new one, or to throw it against the wall and put the pieces back in order.

I was pretty good at the Rubik’s Links, not quite the challenge of the cube, but I could change it from the separate links to the Olympic Rings with my eyes closed. If my 10th grade Algebra teacher was correct when he said, “If you do something 32 times, you’ll never forget it,” then I ought to still know it.

Not an entirely random rant, check out the Rubik’s cube online, in various forms. Some of them have ‘Solve’ buttons which I find might helpful.

EvilCube –
Online Cube – with helpful instructions

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