Guy down the hall

The following was provided by Meghan:

“The guy, age 55, moved to NYC from Michigan about a year ago. After MANY years of marriage, he told his wife he was unfulfilled in his career (worked for GE) and marriage (had 3 grown kids). He moved to NYC and got a new high-paying job. He had over $40 million in the bank.

After neighbors reported the foul smell, the maintenance guys (God bless’em) attempted to entered the apartment and found the security chain in place. They clipped it (after ascertaining the smell WAS coming from within) and found a note attached to the chain stating that “I have killed myself”, etc. They entered the apartment and opened the windows to let some of the stench escape. The guy’s bloated corpse was on the bed with a mask on his face hooked up to a canister of helium/laughing gas. He basically gassed himself.

The detectives were called in. They took photos, etc. and then removed the body. The mattress (full of decaying body gook) is still there along with all the other evidence until the cops can determine w/o a doubt that it was suicide and not murder. (Which is why the place is taped up and air-fresheners are outside the door).”

Freaky! Hope this doesn’t keep friends from visiting.

One thought on “Guy down the hall”

  1. Thad,
    That bloke down the hall, now there’s a winner.
    New meaning to “have at it” and he did.
    With $40 million he moves to NY? and does himself out of a life in an appartment building.
    Why not go big, like off a too-long bungee from the the Brooklyn Bridge? At lreast he’d be remembered for doing something!! Anyhow how much is he appartment going for, after cleaning that is?

    Glad to see you via cybermail and to know you are happy and doing well. ‘Till Boston then.
    Your ex-friendly neighbor ( mostly except on those
    Hot Wheel days ).No not Ron Winner but Mr PJM

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