Worst Movie of Year

Time Machine….hands down the worst movie I’ve seen in a long time. I guess it was a bad sign when the audience was laughing at Guy Pierce’s love interest getting trampled to death by a runaway carriage. This was her second death of the movie. Please never see this movie!

“Hollow Man is no longer the worst movie ever”, Todd Gilmore laughed after leaving Time Machine.

One thought on “Worst Movie of Year”

  1. a runner-up/contender for worst movie of the year could certainly be found in any one of the “pop star slash actor” movies out there: i.e glitter or crossroads or the one with the n’sync kid (who in the real world is also trying to become an astronaut…). the array of possible worst movie of the year medal winners is endless… how about a top 10 for best movie of the year?

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