Rowling Strikes Again

Pairy HotterHarry Potter fans, you have cause to celebrate! According to this announcement off of, the fifth enstallment of the children’s epic series has been written, and will be released June 21st, the Summer Solstice. Amazon and other major book retailers are taking preorders today! Not yet a fan? Catch up on the series!

Storytime anyone?

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  1. hmmm. too much time on my hands, went to check out BBC site and read about the book 5 predictions. all these kids, based on the comments at the bottom of the page, are great writers for being between 10 and 13 years of age – seems a little prefabricated for adults to get excited to buy the book for their kids… maybe that’s just me being a cynical pseudo-american?


    oh, and PS: the picture of ol’ JK is hardly very flattering… she looks like the Order of the Phoenix took a shovel to her face 🙂

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