McFrivolous Lawsuit

Duece, duece and a half was so 8 years old.The lawsuit by the fat teenagers against the fast food industry was rightfully tossed into the waste bin with too many hamburger wrappers. A US federal court judge dismissed allegations that the world’s biggest restaurant chain sells unhealthy food and neglected to sufficiently warn customers about its dangers.

One of the plaintiffs was a 400 pound teenager that eats at McDonald’s every day. He’s got to be the stupidest kid in the world…”Hmmm, I passed 3 bills a few weeks ago, but I still think I can be the Jared of MickeyD’s.”

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  1. Ah, the infamous Jared… Doesn’t Subway have a new guy in their ads these days?

    So I’m thinking, since Subway has passed McDonalds in the number of franchise locations (read here), are we going to see lawsuits from skinny kids eating at Subway complaining that they can’t gain weight?

    This guy hates McDonalds and loves Subway … McD sucks?

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