Sara – Media Darling

It's a bond, it's a swap, it's SuperSaraSara is featured in the cover story of the March issue of Bloomberg Markets magazine. The article, “Revenge of the Bond Traders“, highlights the hot place to be in finance.

After the shout out to her husband, thinly disguised as “climbing the Inca trail”, we learn about Sara’s unique take on the business and her focus on clients as the key to sucess.

“This is not a zero-sum game, yet given the yield and volume, everyone can make money,” says Strang. Basically if you can understand that, maybe you should look into fixed income trading. Else, don’t quit your day job.

Congratulation Sara!

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  1. Peter says that he noticed the article and sends his congratulations.
    Oh, and he also says that his division is now hiring again and is interested in you Thad. How goes that new job?

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