Review: Old School

It takes a man to give away an angel.If I had to say just one thing, it would be “See Old School, See Old School, See Old School!” The three actors each add a character you either relate too, or see very clearly in one of your friends. This is definitely a movie to see in the theaters, not for any special effects, but just so you don’t have to wait to buy it on DVD. I tried to pre-order it already, but it’s not available yet. This movie will be in all of our collections.

Other things people have said about it:

* “Stop whatever you’re doing and go see Old School – what a riot.” – Yarnold
* “Which one are you?” – Sara

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  1. [Hank to his wife] The days of “Hank the Tank” are over. It’s water under the bridge. I promise…

    [Hank at fraternity party] I promised my wife I wouldn’t drink tonight…

    (less than 1 minute later)… OK, I’ll do one! I’ll do one…

    (2 minutes later) Wow. When it hits your lips… It really tingles! Fill it up again, let’s go.

    (probably about 1 hour later) [Hank, naked, grabs the microphone from Warren G in front of 200 college kids and screams:] WE’RE GOING STREAKING!

    … I am Hank. – Michael

  2. Thad – Kudos on the mouseover title. I was in tears already at this point in the movie. Vince Vaughn is stellar as the married guy who wishes he wasn’t.

    I think I am going to see this in the theater again…

  3. “I thought we were in the trust tree?” – Hank with the shrink.

    “I gotta run, but if I don’t talk to you, keep on…keep on truckin. Good stuff.” – after Hank’s wife asks for a divorce.

    That’s right, keep on truckin Hank!

    btw, I’m clearly Speaker City’s own, Iron Cross holding, your friend and mine, Bernard.

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