Hangman and Flash Fun

L, R, S, P, E
In the spirit of 30-second time wasters, I submit the original childhood guess-the-word game: Hangman. Nothing gruesome, naughty, or even the slightest bit titilating. If it’s too much for some of you, we’ll move it to the indecorum section. For the rest of you, start tying your noose, you’ve got some spaces to fill.

For more assorted fun, see if you can discover the magic behind the Mind Reading Crystal Ball. It’s pretty standard really, but interesting nonetheless.

And finally, my last contribution of the day is this series of optical illusions that are always fun. The “Liar” took me a while.

If you don’t have flash installed on your computer, you need to dig it up from Macromedia.


3 Replies to “Hangman and Flash Fun”

  1. Michael you ignort slut. You clear cannot add or subtract. At no point did you approach a logical mathmatical formula. Maybe God have mercy on your soul.

    (Sam, how’s that for jumbling and mangling three quotes?)

    Let me guess for you. Don’t pick a number, look at what symbol is next to 9, 18, 27, or any other multiple of nine. I predict that’s what it’ll be.

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