Names of Notorious Terrorists

Please be on the lookout for suspicious persons! Awan Afuqya could show up at YOUR door anytimeRecently the senior spokesman for the Office of Homeland Security, Craig Fenson named a list of foreign nationals wanted for questioning in connection to various Homeland Security concerns.

Please view this newscast carefully (you will need the sound) and keep your eyes peeled for the persons in question.

Always looking out for the peeps…
Submitted by Denmark for Shannon

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  1. Sorry to post this message here, but I couldn’t find any contact info anywhere. Anyway, I had a question. I came across this site (searching for the TardBlog of all things) and was looking at some of your photos. Question is, what kind of camera do you use? The pictures are really sharp and the color rocks. Also, what program are you using to create the smaller thumbnails? Yours seem to be coming out cleaner than my Photoshopped thumbnails, although this may just be my imagination. Thanks!

  2. Since you posted this here, I should answer it here as well. Most of the pictures are taken with a Canon Powershot. First the s100, then the s330, and hopefully next week the s230. I’m a big fan of the small size and the pictures come out well. Michael took the wedding photos that are up now with a big SLR digital camera.

    I guess I need to add some contact info…

    The Photos section is done with an open source package called Gallery. It makes the thumbnails and everything for you. The inline blog images are usually shrunk, feathered, and saved for the web in photoshop.

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