10 Things to do in Roseville

Roseville is like a little Texas - lots of room left and right and nothing much to do... I might try cow tipping though!

Quick background; Yours truly was recently staffed for what looks like the better part of 5 weeks in Roseville (about 15 miles past Sacramento) in California and he is not too stoked about it…

So after the first week, I can now present to you the Top Ten List of things to do when you’re staffed in Roseville…

1. Work
2. Sleep
3. Eat
4. Shop
5. Work out
6. Climb the indoor wall at REI
7. Think about things to do
8. Play minigolf
9. Find bigger rims for your truck or a deal on new boobs
10. Go night skiing in Tahoe after work

Any suggestions to improve my list?

PS. The map is of California’s original “Gold Country” so I guess the 11th thing to do is dig for gold…

10 Replies to “10 Things to do in Roseville”

  1. I sensed sarcasm in #9, but bigger dubs are crucial to the look of the truck. When Mighty arrives in May, she’ll be equipped with a nice set of 18 inch dubs…not the kind that still spin when you stop, but you can imagine.

  2. You gettin’ whistle tips on Mighty too?

    How ’bout slamming it, tinting all the windows and adding some kanji for good measure?

  3. Other things to do…
    patron a bar called “Centerfolds”
    watch a movie,
    read a book,
    write a limerick,
    cruise the live auction and pick up on 4H girls
    get in touch with the inner Dane
    get drunk
    visit the Roseville museum of wax
    one word… Yahtzee!!!
    get really really drunk

  4. How about the Arbor Day Tree Planting Ceremony set for April 25, or the Special Olympic Swim Meet to be held this Saturday in Roseville?

    Or maybe you should just get drunk.

  5. Well now that you mention it. Mighty will come equipped with tinted windows, premium sound with dual subs, 18in dubs, dvd nav system, and the sport package…and whatever else we felt we needed to compensate for not getting the bigger engine.

    The 3.0i is an ULEV…Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle.

  6. Okay, now you guys really have to come visit us in NYC.

    1) We can pick up at the airport in the new car.
    2) Its 80 degrees and sunny.
    3) I’m beginning to forget what all you cuties look like.
    4) If you’re going to drink too much you may as well cab home.
    5) Thad is really starting to like it here…

  7. thad and sara. i would love to come visit you guys in NYC and i know a few others that would go as well… how would you guys feel about a get-together for sam, cara, shannon, me, kendall, joe, julie, adam, nieman, andy, yarnold and anyone else that we can draw to the event?

    big weekend in the big apple. go out every night, recover with coffee in the park and grand dinner (pizza and hot dogs optional) before going out again. anyone share this dream?

    can we make this a logistically possible, economically viable trip for all? should this be a seperate post? sara? thad? sam? cara? shannon?… yarnold?

  8. Yes Yes
    I think I speak for AJ, Andy, Laura, Thad and Cali when I see that we’d love to have you all in NYC!

    This should be a new post!

  9. Great timing, I just got an email from ‘Blog Stalker’ who’ll be coming out the week before. We’ll make sure to change the sheets for you cause I hear she’s into naughtiness.

    For the Record: El Hugo/The Duece is scheduled for May, when is Arbutus coming to New York?

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