4th Annual White Trash River Float

my silver bullet won't be all that's flashing on the river...

In California the weather is becoming so warm and cozy that we are planning our summer events already. This one is now a classic and originated with Sam, Thad, Shannon and yours truly floating down the South Fork of the American River near Sacramento with beers and peanuts, singing our renditions of the Top 40.

Gaining momentum, this event now has enough people asking when it can be done and so many conflicting schedules that it will actually be possible to hold the event two times over the summer… So that’s what I plan to do.

I have opened up the evite for anyone interested, so just follow the link and give me your reply so I know how many rafts to get. East-coasters… wanna come?

Event Details (also in Evite):
When: Sunday June 1st 10am (duration ~5hrs)
Cost: $20
Location: Rancho Cordova, CA (American River Raft Rentals)

6 Replies to “4th Annual White Trash River Float”

  1. That’s actually not a great weekend for me as I think Cara can understand. I really want to go to go in July! I even have my beer coozie. Have you seen them? They allow you to wear your beer on a rope around your neck so that you can use your hands for splashing around. Its very key when canoeing, rowing or chicken fighting! What about the weekend of Brian’s wedding?

  2. yes, i do remember something about some test or other cara was talking about… BUT THAT’S WHY WE ARE HAVING A SECOND ONE!

    Brian’s Wedding weekend… eh… when is that :)?

  3. The weekend of Brian’s wedding (July 12th) is a great idea! Especially since Thad and Sara will already be out here and will be able to join us!

  4. I’ll second that…Brian and Kristin’s Wedding is on a Saturday, so Sunday while Brian’s finally getting some the Catholic endorsed way, we should float like our ancestors before us.

  5. July 13th it is… bring the sunscreen – you’ll need it out here in California. If you don’t have any because you live in New York, we’ll take care of you 🙂

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