Harvard Class Day 2003

Four of you, and I'm not at liberty to say which four, will go on to magnificent careers in the porno industry.
Socal boy Will Ferrell gave the Class Day speech at Harvard this year. The whole Class Day event was webcast, but the first hour and 27 minutes are worthless.

1 hour 27 minutes – The two guys to introduce him are so not funny they are worth watching.

1 hour 30 minutes – Will comes on and is classic for about 24 minutes…after which close it quickly to save yourself from having to listen to Harvard students trying to be funny….fortunately Will is still on stage so watch “Frank” drink a beer.

There is also a transcript available if you don’t have sound and video…and here’s a link to Apple so you can get a new computer.

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  1. I watched this with Kendall and Joe last night… Great find! This thing is well worth sitting through for any Will Ferrel fan…

    Speaking of Will Ferrel Fans… Go get your copy of Old School right now!

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