Warthog Launch

Both were eaten a swarm of crickets shortly after this was taken.In a way it’s like Pool. When you have nothing, just hit it really hard.

The Good:

* 40 Levels
* Fun with Physics
* Popping balloons

The Bad:

* No level codes

The Game: Warthog Launch

10 Replies to “Warthog Launch”

  1. I’m with Kendall, only two levels away from the last one… I ran out of patience as I had spent over 20 minutes getting to lvl 38.

    This is fun, but not as fun as the game Halo for Xbox. They are making a Halo 2, but it’s been postponed several times. Halo was deemed the best game to have been made for the Xbox and there are about 5 million geeks waiting anxiously for the sequel… and while they wait they cook up stuff like the Warthog Launch videos that Jjennings linked to.

    Speaking of JJennings… a girl that plays video games like Halo and kicks your ass. Sexy. You go girl. I’ll buy you a drink next time I’m in NYC with Thad and Sara.

  2. Just to clarify: I am not a girl, but I’ve never turned down a free drink 😛

    In other news: Bungie has declared Fall ’04 as the release date and you can goto bungie.net to see the most recent screenshots of the Halo2 build. I’ve been playing HaloPC online and (to put it blunty) I “pwnzor” on CTF & Slayer. I’ll see you on Xbox Live!

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