We gotta show these suckas how to play THIS GAME!

Okay boys and girls, this one is going to require some audience participation.

I’m in the process of setting up the annual NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament Brackets, and I’m looking for the best online solution. Ideally, this solution would have the following characteristics:

# Free, or inexpensive.
# Allow participants to enter brackets online.
# Automatically score and rank brackets.
# Allow participants to view standings online.
# Allow definition of points per round, including possibility of bonus points for upsets.

Not necessary, but wanted:

6) Allow participants to enter more than one bracket.
7) Be easy to sign up for.

Thus far, the solution offered by looks like the best, but it lacks the ability for users to input more than one bracket. Brackets2004 looks promising, but since it’s not up and running yet, I can’t draw any conclusions as to its functionality.

There may be additional features that I haven’t considered that would also be useful. It would be really nice if the system would sort teams by different stats (RPI, Games Won, Turnovers, Rebounds, etc). This might facilitate some bracket picks.

Additionally, I’d like to know what you think the best bracket scoring system is. I’m leaning towards a slightly unweighted system of 1/2/4/6/10/14 as opposed to the classic 1/2/4/8/16/32, to balance # correct picks vs deepest picks. Comments wanted.

I’m sure one of you out there knows of a great solution for online bracket management. Please post it. That means you Yahoo! crowd. I know you’re out there.


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  1. I really like the ideas of customizing the points and possibly having upset points…

    What are you doing this weekend? How hard could it be to build…

    One table for teams with their stats, another table tracks how far they go. A table for your team (making you use a different username for each entry for simplicity, but not totally necessary) and then some php front end.

  2. I created a group for the…
    “ BBBracket”. Password is “danish”.

    Group #: 81056

  3. Hmmm, with Stanford’s stellar performance (stop here to note the sarcasm brought on by Stanford’s inability to continue a good season in the Playoffs) most of the brackets for the Buzolich group were pretty limited in potential points, but Mr. Buzolich (although scoring no points at all in the final four) was able to take the cake with only 88 points, all scored by many correct first, second round picks and regional finals (3 of 4).

    The winning “Go Cats, Go Gay Marriage” Bracket

    Pay up people. $10 from everyone.

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