Survivor: All-Star

I'm not ready to quit reality TV or alcohol, so deal with itMy name is Thad, and I’m a reality TV junkie.
“Hi Thad”

I watched my first reality TV show in college. Road Rules: Islands was pulling their RV into Newport Beach to do a comedy skit at Balboa Island. MTV hooked me with their Real World and Road Rules marathons. Back to back to back episodes to eliminate the waiting of who is going to hook up, who is going to demand respect, and who is going to say, “I’ve never in my entire life on this earth been….” Where does MTV cast?

MTV is like a gateway drug. I had it under control with a half an hour a week, and I could have stopped at any time…and then along came Survivor. I missed the first couple episodes because this was still 2 B.T. (Before Tivo), but Sarah and Vinnie couldn’t stop talking about it on my morning commute. I tuned in and instantly hated Richard Hatch, but instantly loved Survivor. In that first season I actually said to a date, “We have to take this sushi to go, because Survivor starts in 10 minutes.”

‘Survivor: Hatch’, turned into ‘Survivor: Colby Screwed Up’, and finally ‘Survivor: All Stars’ which finished last night. Survivor has always had an addictive hook into me. Last night rewarded me with a good episode, and a better after show. If you didn’t watch, a few players forgot this was a game and took it personally, another got literally booed off the stage, the loser proposed to the winner, and Rupert still hasn’t shaved.

Congratulations to Rob and Amber! Being a newlywed myself, I’m always a fan of others taking the plunge. Amber seemed to have a clue it would happen, but with Rob on a knee and Amber wearing an ‘I (heart) Rob’ shirt, she couldn’t say no. Props to CBS for dimming the lights and giving them a few moments of privacy.

Anyhow, Survivor is finally over for the season and I can cut back my TV watching. Don’t get me started on ‘The O.C.’ on which I take personally every time the water polo players are assholes or have to be identified by the whole team holding water polo balls on their way to class…

So I’ve admitted I have a problem, what is Step 2?

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  1. B.T. – nice.

    I think step 2 is overcoming your addiction in some way. Many people do it by replacing it with something else, which often turns into another addiction (TV, chocolate, cigarettes, alcohol, pills, coffee, weed, KFC, candy, knitting. Whatever).

    I suggest taking up a healthy habit like cooking, walking your dog more often, going to the gym/pool or doing something for a friend.


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