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Advantage: Sunny, beautiful islands.Feeling a bit like Ryan Seacrest, I have the results to last weeks American Idol. You may have already seen the results, where the beautiful and talented La Toya London lost when everyone expected Jasmine “Flower In Her Hair” Trias, wasn’t even in the bottom two, to go home instead. I know why, and it’s not because of sympathy votes.

Last post I admitted to watching a lot of reality TV and especially Survivor. Congratulations to Rob and Amber, I’m a sucker for romantics and they’re cute together, and to Rupert for winning the ‘America voted’ million dollars. He got one of my votes. I’ve never voted on American Idol because I don’t watch the show live and the phone lines are only open for two hours in the time zone after the show airs. The key to American Idol and Jasmine’s reprieve from joining JPL and the football player is timezones.

I tried to vote on American Idol once. I got a busy signal and decided not to compete with the real fans and gave up. That’s the point, the phone lines are often busy, usually busy. Not being able to get through is considered the norm on AI message boards. This applies to all of the contestants and leads to fairly close results. When Jon Stevens was finally sent home, Seacrest said he got nearly 4 million votes out of the total 28 million. There were seven contestants that week so the winner and other 5 didn’t get much more than Stevens to make the 4 million vote average compute. Everyone has enough fans to clog up the phone lines, and that fact that the better singers have twice as many fans doesn’t matter because the bottleneck threshold is too low. This situation replicates itself all across America: Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific timezones….but what about Hawaii? Hawaii is three hours after California time so doesn’t compete on the lines with any other timezone. Jasmine Trias is a proud, flower carrying resident of Hawaii. Hawaii loves Jasmine Trias.

So simply, the voting is nearly even across the country due to not enough phone line capacity at AI Central. Then Jasmine gets a big boost when Hawaiian Islands Time rolls around and she advances to the next round. Simon called out Hawaii to use their five phones, and they did to vote overwhelmingly for their flower. Jasmine hasn’t been the best recently, but she has the best chance of winning.

Thad Out!

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  1. good point about the time zone voting… but I fear that you have not moved away from your TV addiction. Perhaps SAFW is right – you need stronger stuff.

    AOM? Skepam?

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