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For those of you who have seen The Shining, this will be pretty funny. If you haven’t seen it this will probably be confusing… just letting you know.

This website has now made two 30-second flash movies where they reinact the memorable scenes of classic movies. So far i’ve seen The Shining and The Excorcist… reinacted by bunnies.


3 Replies to “Redrum…”

  1. I’m scouring Google for a Bisqick recipe (lost the box) and what do I see as the FIRST entry??
    Buzolich, hmmm, familiar weird name…(remember, mine is Misiorowski) and I needed to say hello again. Life is good here and appears ditto there.
    Ron Misiorowski
    (a recent friend of Sara’s Auntie)

  2. I’ve seen all of the bunnies and have to say that everytime i see them its got funnier and funnier.My favourite is The rocky Horror Picture Show the bunnies look so funny

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