San Francisco Marathon

Run San Francisco MarathonRan and finished (with the Finisher medal to prove it) the San Francisco Half Marathon this weekend. The weather was great for running: 60 degrees and foggy. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great for scenery due to the thick fog. Sam and I both came in at 1:49.03, placing in the Top 20% of our age group. Pretty damn good for my first race in years and first race longer than 3 miles since college. I think it reflects well on the months of training we’ve banked while training for the New York Marathon in November.

Special thanks to Cara for driving us to the start line at 4:45 am and then later joining in for StarCraft.

Official Race Results

Comments on the race:
* Mile markers were at waist level so I missed most of them. I suggest 10 foot ladders.
* The start was sections in broad categories (Under 3:30, 3:30 – 4 Hours…) which led to a lot of passing and being passed in the crowded early miles.
* Running on the Golden Gate Bridge was difficult in the one lane that was section for runners each way, made worse by runners ahead of us slowing down and even walking. It was only 7 or 8 miles by that point (again missing mile markers) and was suprised to see so many people struggling early.
* Clocks nowhere on the course. If I hadn’t brought along my Polar watch and heart rate monitor, I’d have had no clue as to my pace.
* Very nice to run along the water front in San Francisco. Lots of great memories.
* The hills after the bridge, through the Presido and Richmond…brutal, but that’s San Francisco.

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