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Did You Get The Memo?

A brief synopsis, “Aron Ralston, 27, used a penknife to slice his arm off below the elbow
when he found himself trapped for five days under the huge rock.”

Even crazier – it turns out the guy was almost killed last month when he was buried up to the neck in an avalanche.

Two quick observations:
(a) you’re a stud, and
(b) someone is trying to tell you something, buddy.

From Turkey Guts to Oil

It's going to change the way we build citiesSo, what are our collective thoughts on this? I received an email via inCircle (the email distribution parameters look pretty promiscuous and I can guess this is a repeat for some of you) from a ’98 grad who works at the company in question (see the extended entry for the full text of the email).

$15 a barrel on the first deployment with the production cost dropping to $10 in three to five years? Sam, do you call BS?

From a business perspective, it seems like they have some momentum – government support, investor support, protection of their intellectual assets, and a well-stocked pipeline.

As a total aside, maybe I’ll cancel that lunch order for a turkey sandwich ….
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