San Francisco Marathon

Run San Francisco MarathonRan and finished (with the Finisher medal to prove it) the San Francisco Half Marathon this weekend. The weather was great for running: 60 degrees and foggy. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great for scenery due to the thick fog. Sam and I both came in at 1:49.03, placing in the Top 20% of our age group. Pretty damn good for my first race in years and first race longer than 3 miles since college. I think it reflects well on the months of training we’ve banked while training for the New York Marathon in November.

Special thanks to Cara for driving us to the start line at 4:45 am and then later joining in for StarCraft.

Official Race Results

Comments on the race:
* Mile markers were at waist level so I missed most of them. I suggest 10 foot ladders.
* The start was sections in broad categories (Under 3:30, 3:30 – 4 Hours…) which led to a lot of passing and being passed in the crowded early miles.
* Running on the Golden Gate Bridge was difficult in the one lane that was section for runners each way, made worse by runners ahead of us slowing down and even walking. It was only 7 or 8 miles by that point (again missing mile markers) and was suprised to see so many people struggling early.
* Clocks nowhere on the course. If I hadn’t brought along my Polar watch and heart rate monitor, I’d have had no clue as to my pace.
* Very nice to run along the water front in San Francisco. Lots of great memories.
* The hills after the bridge, through the Presido and Richmond…brutal, but that’s San Francisco.

2005 Academy Awards

Do they broadcast the adult film awards?

The Oscars are upon us again and since a person at work and one of my friends are both obsessed with these awards, I have a list of the nominations to share. The point of this is for your to post your bet on who will win each category and why… even better: say who wasn’t nominated and why they should be.

ABC Oscar Coverage
NY Times Oscar Coverage
BBC Oscar Coverage
MSNBC Oscar Coverage
Mosters and Critics Oscar Coverage
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New York Marathon Tips

Puff for GovernorThis weekend is the annual New York City Marathon. Thousands of people from all over the world will descend on this little hamlet..err…sprawling metropolis to run 26.2 miles. I’m dedicating this entry to all those hopeful marathoners and Puff Daddy, should he read this.

Tips for Running the New York City Marathon:

# Write your name on your shirt! Residents of New York will be out in masses, usually in the millions to support your quest for the finish line in Central Park, but they don’t know you. However, you’ll get a lot of support and cheers if you write your name in big letters on your shirt. Keep in mind that you’ll have a race number so plan accordingly. Bonus: American flags and “Ohio Loves NY” are appreciated.
# If you plan to keep them after the race, cut your toe nails before it. Shorter nails will be less likely to have problems.
# Bring Advil. New York is the city where you can get anything from Starbucks to pot delivered to your apartment, but Advil is your only friend on mile 16.
# Don’t try anything new on race day.
# An extension of the above is: Find out what sports drinks, power gel, etc. they are giving to the runners on the course, and try it before hand. I trained with Poweraid, but on race day had to drink a poor-man’s watered-down fruit punch drink. Get used to it.
# Drink early, drink often. It might be cold and you might not be sweating much, but you need lots of fluid.
# Have fun! For you first timers, finishing is a life experience.

Good luck on race day! I’ll be near the finish line on the right side, a few hundred yards before the finish…cheering for Florida Jill, England, John, and you.

4th Annual White Trash River Float

my silver bullet won't be all that's flashing on the river...

In California the weather is becoming so warm and cozy that we are planning our summer events already. This one is now a classic and originated with Sam, Thad, Shannon and yours truly floating down the South Fork of the American River near Sacramento with beers and peanuts, singing our renditions of the Top 40.

Gaining momentum, this event now has enough people asking when it can be done and so many conflicting schedules that it will actually be possible to hold the event two times over the summer… So that’s what I plan to do.

I have opened up the evite for anyone interested, so just follow the link and give me your reply so I know how many rafts to get. East-coasters… wanna come?

Event Details (also in Evite):
When: Sunday June 1st 10am (duration ~5hrs)
Cost: $20
Location: Rancho Cordova, CA (American River Raft Rentals)

Denmark’s Triathlon

Hey Thad’s Readers :),

This is an entry from an Evite invitation I posted to try and get my friends out to support me for my next triathlon race. It will about a month after Thad and Sara’s wedding and it will be in Santa Cruz, CA. I wrote it with a great deal of sincerity, so beware the risk of it sounding a little cheezy…

Disco Dane
Location: Main Beach – 175 West Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz, CA
Phone: 415-786-5375
When: Sunday, September 29, 8:00am

Hey Guys,

I have to apologize in advance for what will seem like a bit of a random invitation, but I wanted to see if this will work: I am competing in an international distance triathlon (1.5K swim, 40K bike and 10K run) on the last Sunday of September. I am looking to break my personal best of 2 hours and 40 minutes, which I set this spring, and I would like your help! I would like you to join me in Santa Cruz for this event. There is absolutely nothing like friends to cheer you on and this will be my last race of the season.

The race starts pretty early Sunday 9/29 at 8am at the Pier in Santa Cruz. We swim around the pier, jump on the bikes and ride down to Davenport South of Santa Cruz and back to the Pier and then run 10K out along the ocean and back. You can see the start, both transitions (swim to bike and bike to run) and the finish from one place).

Again, I would love to see you there for this event. There is always a lot of supporters, booths and things to do at these events during the race and after the race the camp will be filled with athletes high on endorphines. I would also like to do a picnic with those of you that have the time to stay for lunch and make a day of it in beautiful Santa Cruz.

I really hope to see you there; it would mean a lot to me.

Thank you,
– Michael

Check out the 20th Annual Santa Cruz Sentinel Triathlon