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Right to Party and Vote

Clinton did pot, Bush was a skier, what's Kerry's drug of choice?Less than a week until the election ends and the post election season starts. To bide the time, I found a web site that counts the electoral votes based on state to state polls.

Current Electoral Vote Predictor 2004

Kerry and Bush are pretty much tied, with a few states swinging in the wind. New York isn’t up for grabs, but I’m going to vote anyway.

Find your polling place at an aptly named site MyPolling

Go vote, grab some popcorn to watch the returns and then realize how similar these two candidates really are.

USS Cole

USS Cole Seal

The USS Cole was attacked by terrorists while at portin Yemen back in 2000. Far from recent news, but here’s how we brought her back for repairs. The Cole is a fairly big guided missile destroyer. The Marlin is a huge ship and it partly submerged itself, had the Cole tugged over it, and ascended with the Cole now on its deck.

The Cole returned to the Fleet in 2002.


come play with us...

For those of you who have seen The Shining, this will be pretty funny. If you haven’t seen it this will probably be confusing… just letting you know.

This website has now made two 30-second flash movies where they reinact the memorable scenes of classic movies. So far i’ve seen The Shining and The Excorcist… reinacted by bunnies.


Album Covers

Played backwards, it says that computers in the future will be faster.All of my music is stored on my computer now, and before that the CDs were in big wallets, so it’s been a while since I’ve looked through the album covers. Some covers I remember were the baby on the first Nirvana album, and Michael Jackson with the white tiger on Thriller…although that may have been on the inside…

Flip that around and here’s a humorous review of the Top 10 Worst Album Covers.

See also more album covers

California Coastline

Here we come...I found a while back, I think in relation to the lawsuit by Ms. Streisand that tried to shut this down. Instead, it probably just gave it free publicity and brought it to my attention.

If you’ve ever lived in California or traveled to part of its coast, you’ll like what you can find here.

Golden Gate Bridge
Opening Scene from ‘The O.C.’
The Wedge
Golden Gate Park and the Sunset
Southern End of Zuma Beach

Lots of memories, check it out.

What is Your Name?

Gandolf the wizard

Lord of the Rings: The Return Of The King was released on December 17th at a feature length of 3 hours and 30 minutes for this final film in the trilogy. I would recommend the collectors versions of the trilogy films if you are interested in learning more about the vast imaginary world which has been created based on the original books (The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings)

In connection with the trilogy and other famous works of J.R.R. Tolkien there have been a lot of development of various mythical stories and creatures, etymology of a lot of the elvish words used. One of the scolars (David Salo) of the invented languages Tolkien used in the books was called up to help the movie creators with the inscriptions on both the ring and the elven gate to the mines of Morea, along with the dialogue of the films and inscriptions on costumes and props. Another student of Tolkien came up with one of the more current applications of his studies and put his knowledge into a name generator. If you want to learn more, click here.

What is my Elven Name?
What is my Hobbit Name?
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Net Riddler

???I’ve always liked riddles, and this looks like a promising game. To get to the next page, you must enter the answer to each riddle. Some kind of prize occurs at the end…I think collectively we could get it.

Net Riddler Site

Below are the answers as I get them or people help me. They are hidden in a white font, so highlight the text area with your mouse to see the answers.
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Harvard Class Day 2003

Four of you, and I'm not at liberty to say which four, will go on to magnificent careers in the porno industry.
Socal boy Will Ferrell gave the Class Day speech at Harvard this year. The whole Class Day event was webcast, but the first hour and 27 minutes are worthless.

1 hour 27 minutes – The two guys to introduce him are so not funny they are worth watching.

1 hour 30 minutes – Will comes on and is classic for about 24 minutes…after which close it quickly to save yourself from having to listen to Harvard students trying to be funny….fortunately Will is still on stage so watch “Frank” drink a beer.

There is also a transcript available if you don’t have sound and video…and here’s a link to Apple so you can get a new computer.


abcdeYou know those people that have a word of the day. Today’s word is ‘blah’ and they make an effort to use ‘blah’ at least once today in hope it’ll become part of their lexicon. I only know one person like that, but still, those are old words…wouldn’t it be much better to use new words?

Enter WordSpy which is like watching MTV, reading Grissom, and going to all the cool movies like Old School all at once to keep you with the lastest lexigraphical trends.

“I wonder if high school kids will start bringing chewable liquor into class for morning snack.”

“How many unread bestsellers do you have on your shelf?”

Confused, wanna stay up with the times, but not by learning old words…go to WordSpy!

Rubik’s Cube

If I could solve this, would that impress me?I remember when my dad brought a Rubik’s Cube home some twenty years ago. It was the big craze back then, and there was even a guy on That’s Incredible that solved the cube with his feet, I think blindfolded. On the flip side, the only way I could ever solve it was to buy a new one, or to throw it against the wall and put the pieces back in order.

I was pretty good at the Rubik’s Links, not quite the challenge of the cube, but I could change it from the separate links to the Olympic Rings with my eyes closed. If my 10th grade Algebra teacher was correct when he said, “If you do something 32 times, you’ll never forget it,” then I ought to still know it.

Not an entirely random rant, check out the Rubik’s cube online, in various forms. Some of them have ‘Solve’ buttons which I find might helpful.

EvilCube –
Online Cube – with helpful instructions

Snowboarding Season Has Begun…

Boarders ROCK! Two-plankers suck... and so does East Coast Skiing :)This weekend the lifts of Tahoe, CA opened up to the public. With a current base of over 24″ and rising, the conditions are better than usual for this early in the season, and rumors of ‘El Nino’-like weather promises great snow throughout the winter.

The Alpine and Kirkwood resorts have the best base at the time of this writing, but you can check out SnowBomb for more current information (click the resort you want and then click ‘conditions’).

It’s on people! Come to Tahoe with us… it’s almost as fun as getting married, which you seem to enjoy a lot over there on the Eastern Seaboard 🙂

Me and Plato

I don't suffer from insanity, but enjoy every minute of it - Edgar Allan PoeBeen drinking a lot and can’t tie your shoes as quickly as before?

Take this IQ test and see if your neurons are still firing.

Emode said I am a Visionary Philosopher with an IQ of 136. I think that means I can quit this computer science stuff and sit around just saying things. Cali grab a pen…

Drunken Halloween?

Aaaah... The best of both worlds

A friend of mine sent me a story published on drinking and Halloween and how one destroys the other. Too much drinking and your Halloween will end sadly

The following is the first paragraph of the article she sent me:
“Peering back into the mists of childhood, the Halloween evokes images of candy, dressing up, candy, carving pumpkins, candy, family togetherness, candy, staying up late, candy, and, well, being sick from all that candy. It seems a shame that Halloween now symbolizes drinking, dressing up, drinking, throwing pumpkins, drinking, student togetherness, drinking, vandalizing, drinking, and, well, being sick from all that drinking. Many people would say that this interpretation of the holiday destroys its fine integrity, sullies its true importance, and tarnishes its unblemished memories from our youth. These claims are totally and completely true.”

This sounds a little drastic to me. I’d say a good, contrasting school of thought on the matter is a symbiosis of the two events: Pumpkin Beer! A beautiful union of good things, although you may have to get used to a new taste compared to your Coors Lights…

So lasts words of advice: I’m no doctor, but I recommend going to as many parties as you can and having a good time. Don’t have too many pun’kin beers, because the police knows it’s Halloween too. Carve responsibly.