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Beware of October

We gotta show these suckers how to play this game!Beware of things made in October.

If you watched the season premiere of South Park yesterday, you’ll expect the boat in the first one to hit a beaver dam. “I broke the dam.” I was hoping the episode would have ended with a slow clap building into a global warming causing crescendo. Glad to have you back South Park.

Fox Sports Ads:
Motor boat, motor boat
Nailgun, modded to semi-auto
Leaf blower/Flame blower

Kirk Gibson rocks! Astros – WhiteSox sucks.


The question is, who cares?Getting Mighty last week (two years ago) led Sara to tell me about her first car, a little Honda Civic named, “Manamana”. Lucky or fate sent this video to me a week later…muppets rule!

Editor’s Note: Local copy of manamana – This is an old post from a long forgotten section of that happened to mysteriously vanish in the reorg

William Hung – American Idol

Thank you Billy for the best American Idol audition I have ever seen - you bang buddy
William Hung, a man onto himself.

He entered the American Idol auditions with a bulletproof attitude and balls of steel. This is worth 2 minutes of your time…

See the video here. (sound required)

And if you want to know what else is going on with the man, the myth, the legend, take a look at this website dedicated to him: (thanks to Shannon and the team at Yahoo for digging this one up)
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ting-ting tong, ting-ting-ting ting tongThose who have been keeping score in the Indecorum section might notice a slight tilt to the right in recent postings. In an effort to balance the discussion, I offer the most recent hit from GW’s debut album, a remix of Liam Lynch’s popular “United States of Whatever“. God bless our troops, may they accomplish their missions with as little bloodshed as possible.

This content requires speakers and an mp3 player for best appreciation.

P.S. Since this posting has no content of questionable nature, it has been posted in the main forum…as opposed to the Indecorum section, which contains content with “Check-your-six”able content. Feel free to follow my lead, boys…