Review: Lake House

Avoid, avoid, avoid!Getting out of New York on a summer weekend can be quite a task. There’s the traffic, the traffic, and then once the traffic clears you get stuck behind bad drivers thinking 66 in the fast lane is plenty. Enter books on tape. The perfect solution to the traffic holding the audience captive. Good in concept, but The Lake House, by James Patterson, is horrible in practice.

We struggled not to turn it off, it’s that bad. The book is filled with pseudo product placements and references to pop culture that stick out and make you wonder if they were added for comedic value. Nary a glass of wine is sipped without a ‘Turning Leaf Chardonnay’ being mentioned. Character building is attempted by mentioning how much Maxine liked the movie, Shallow Hal, and her favorite actor, Gwenyth Paltrow. Names and brands are dropped like Patterson sold the spots for a thousand dollars a pop…is this a new business model?
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Names of Notorious Terrorists

Please be on the lookout for suspicious persons! Awan Afuqya could show up at YOUR door anytimeRecently the senior spokesman for the Office of Homeland Security, Craig Fenson named a list of foreign nationals wanted for questioning in connection to various Homeland Security concerns.

Please view this newscast carefully (you will need the sound) and keep your eyes peeled for the persons in question.

Always looking out for the peeps…
Submitted by Denmark for Shannon

Frogger vs SUVs


Tired of endless political discussions? This revision of the arcade classic Frogger should help to provide an escape from dreary of Baghdad. Oh wait…watch out for the subtly intertwined messages about fuel efficiency. Watch out for the trap doors in the sidewalk!



Sara – Media Darling

It's a bond, it's a swap, it's SuperSaraSara is featured in the cover story of the March issue of Bloomberg Markets magazine. The article, “Revenge of the Bond Traders“, highlights the hot place to be in finance.

After the shout out to her husband, thinly disguised as “climbing the Inca trail”, we learn about Sara’s unique take on the business and her focus on clients as the key to sucess.

“This is not a zero-sum game, yet given the yield and volume, everyone can make money,” says Strang. Basically if you can understand that, maybe you should look into fixed income trading. Else, don’t quit your day job.

Congratulation Sara!

Oh Wow

What reading 3 books about Labrador Retrievers doesn’t tell you is that reading the body language of dogs is very tough. It’s 9 o’clock, and we’ve had Cali for 6 hours. I slept on the floor with her for a good hour of it, then she had her first little accident. She’s been taken outside 3 times, with Sara currently outside on the fourth….but somehow she seems to like our floors rather than the outside area. Accident count: 2, the second was minutes after she came inside again….doh!

To be fair, Cali is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.

Introducing Cali

Tomorrow Sara and I are driving out to Shirley, Long Island and picking up Cali. She’s a black Labrador Retriever puppy about 7 1/2 weeks old. Her official B-Day is February 27th. She’ll get her own hexagon on the website….kinda like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but different. Her page will have lots of pictures of her and a blog of my attempts to control pure energy. Do you have any good dog training tips? Please post them!


To Dog or not To Dog, that is the question. Whether tis nobler to get a pet rider from the building management, or simply listen to the advice from our fleet of doormen when asked how do I get a dog, “You just buy a puppy.” Those guys rock!