Review: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

what is more Greek than Greek letters? And this letter really sums it up...
I entered the theater thinking this was going to be a Big Fat Greek chick-flick (quick definition: about turbulent and complete romance with mr. perfect who reads her mind and sweeps her off her feet), but i found the movie to be great entertainment in spite of my fears…

Not only is it a really funny movie, but it handles more serious issues in life, like how to become your own person and follow your own will (another chick-flick feature) so there are flashes of serious acting, as opposed to Austin Powers in Goldmember. Among other things, the movie is produced by Tom Hanks and features Joey Fatone from N’Sync. There are a lot of great scenes that depict really funny meeting-the-parents kinds of situations and I left with a Big Fat Greek smile on my face.

I’d recommend the movie warmly to anyone. Sam and Cara even liked it!


Review: Swordfish – B

Going down in the books for thinking Swordfish with John Travolta is a good movie. Halle Berry’s character is about as worthless as she was in “Monsters Ball”, but the rest of the movie was a good action flick. Fast cars, hot women, lots of guns, chase scenes and 7 cool flat screen monitors.

With regards to the computer hacking stuff, at least they didn’t date themselves by raving about a “Pentium Pro with a built in Artificial Intelligence RISC chip” like they did in “Mission Impossible”.