Beware of October

We gotta show these suckers how to play this game!Beware of things made in October.

If you watched the season premiere of South Park yesterday, you’ll expect the boat in the first one to hit a beaver dam. “I broke the dam.” I was hoping the episode would have ended with a slow clap building into a global warming causing crescendo. Glad to have you back South Park.

Fox Sports Ads:
Motor boat, motor boat
Nailgun, modded to semi-auto
Leaf blower/Flame blower

Kirk Gibson rocks! Astros – WhiteSox sucks.


The question is, who cares?Getting Mighty last week (two years ago) led Sara to tell me about her first car, a little Honda Civic named, “Manamana”. Lucky or fate sent this video to me a week later…muppets rule!

Editor’s Note: Local copy of manamana – This is an old post from a long forgotten section of that happened to mysteriously vanish in the reorg

Harvard Sucks

Yale 1: Harvard 0One of the better pranks I’ve heard about let alone seen video of.

Visit where Yale students help Harvard express their true feelings about themselves.

Score of game: Harvard 35, Yale 3. Yet everyone goes home a winner.

Shut Up

... the sudden handyness of a 500-page hard cover book

One of my buddies forwarded me the link to a quick flash file that made me laugh a little. If you need a quick laugh, try and think back to the days in the computer lairs of your college… and then open the link.

Poster’s note: I can’t help feel this is rigged, but I wouldn’t put it past myself to do a similar thing.

Obnoxious singing girl in computer lair (local)

End of the World

I just love nuclear fission. What kind of bait do you use??hro-kee, so… this is a little flash file about nuclear war and the different peoples of earth portrayed with perhaps a small bias for using common stereotypes, but nonetheless funny… especially for those of us in California. Damn French…

Watch The End of the World