They Know Their Pong

All your base are belong to us...

Check out this ping pong match. If nothing else, it’s an impressive form of an emerging performance art: Real-time 3-d emulation en vivo.

This link requires audio and video playback for best enjoyment.

Thanks go to Dr. David Fenard for passing this along.


ting-ting tong, ting-ting-ting ting tongThose who have been keeping score in the Indecorum section might notice a slight tilt to the right in recent postings. In an effort to balance the discussion, I offer the most recent hit from GW’s debut album, a remix of Liam Lynch’s popular “United States of Whatever“. God bless our troops, may they accomplish their missions with as little bloodshed as possible.

This content requires speakers and an mp3 player for best appreciation.

P.S. Since this posting has no content of questionable nature, it has been posted in the main forum…as opposed to the Indecorum section, which contains content with “Check-your-six”able content. Feel free to follow my lead, boys…

Brazilian Beer

brazilianbeer, yo! gotta love the turle in the commercials...
I got these from a (Brazilian) friend of mine. They are two beer commercials which were run around the time of the World Cup in soccer (the REAL football game). I recommend the sound – very funny.

Here is the 1st commercial and there is the other commercial. Enjoy!

I know Kung Fu

Actually I don’t, but you can imagine what it would look like here.

– submitted by denmark – he’s on better mailing lists than you

Triumph a Jedi?

I’ve gotten this from a couple people, and if you have the time and the bandwidth, it’s definitely worth both. Sent from the Conan O’Brien show, here is Triumph the Insult Comic Dog interviewing fans waiting for the opening of Star Wars II – AotC.

“And now for the ritualistic banging of the plastic swords.”